Just launched airchat.us on Product Hunt. Probably it’s not a great idea to schedule the launch at 00:01 AM Pacific time anymore if you’re users in the US.

The product was trending for a couple hours while we were promoting it like crazy.

Then, when the United States woke up, we weren’t receiving that many votes and comments as we did at the moment of the launch.

Product Hunt ranking algorithms noticed that and downgraded airchat.us to the positions #5–6–7. Despite the fact we had 150+ votes at that moment another products with much smaller number of voted were at the top of the list. Just because they were getting votes at that particular moment.

Think about it when launching next time.

PS: in sorry, no emoji this time.

#producthunt #airchat #chatbots



Bootstrapping https://tarta.ai and botmakers.net 🦄

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