ChatBottle is featured on ProductHunt

tl;dr Somebody just added ChatBottle to Product Hunt. PH community managers even decided to feature it on the home page!

I’d like to ask you to support ChatBottle by commenting or upvoting on PH. Here is the link:

What is ChatBottle?

It’s a search engine. ChatBottle is like google, but for chatbots. Currently we indexed Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram bots

There are a couple dozen ranking factors which affect positions of bots in the search results. The most important ones are the following:

  • ProductHunt votes and comments
  • Usage statistics (bounce and retention rate)
  • Profile completeness (list of commands, detailed description, video review, etc)
  • Verified or not (it’s a good sign if a bot is verified by the owner)

Check it out by the link: Feel free to comment it on ProductHunt if you have an account.

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Bootstrapping and 🦄

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Alexander Gamanyuk

Alexander Gamanyuk

Bootstrapping and 🦄

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